1st phase of mobilization


Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Banat and Movement of gorans and Pancevo Center of Volunteers completed the first phase of mobilization of stakeholders for participation in the project “Eko Tamiš – new tourist product”.
In direct conversations with representatives of local self-governments and tourist organizations Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Kovačica, Opovo and Sečanj, the members of the project team presented basic information about the project and the possibilities of cooperation in the realization of project activities. It was about the processes of promotion of the project at the level of local self-governments, as well as the improvement of the knowledge and skills of different target groups in the area of ​​the Serbian Banat.


It is a general assessment that the project is of great importance for the development of tourism in the area covered by the project and that the involvement of all stakeholders can bring the best results.
Representatives of local self-governments and tourist organizations of all 5 municipalities have shown their willingness to put their resources in the function of the project, both in setting up and improving the infrastructure, promoting a tourist product, as well as in the education of representatives of relevant institutions, the economy and the civil sector.

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