Eco Tamis new tourist product

Collaborate on the project four partners, one of which is the Movement and Volunteer Center project developer, Chamber of Commerce is a partner in Pancevo in Serbia, while Romania’s two partner CSOs from Timisoara.

Ljiljana Konevski, president of the Environmental Movement and center volunteers Pancevo says that this project is a continuation of care for Tamis, and leans on the projects that the City of Pancevo in recent years implemented – “Eco-status of the Tamis River” and “Eko status – Step II” in terms of expanding tourism products in both countries, along the course of the Tamis Banat. Movement and center volunteers with one of two organizations in Romania have terms of reference that sets furniture and trains spaces next Tamiša for bird watching, marking bike paths, to set up furniture in areas that may be the beach or spaces for relaxing, all the way through the Tamis from Pancevo to Timisoara, says Konevski. The other two partners are tasked to organize workshops, seminars, round tables so that more people educated about the importance of water areas, primarily Tamiša, the flora and fauna of the river Tamis and its preservation. Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center for the second time is a leading partner in the IPA project, which is very rare for an organization in Serbia, only in South Banat. What is important for Pancevo, according to Ljiljana Konevski, after completion of the project our city will remain decorated rooms to provide complete tourist services along the Tamis. Through this project, Pancevo will get another catamaran, canoes for tourism and bikes for hire to be used for tourist purposes for a ride along the Tamis river. After the populated areas through which the Tamiš will be set as sites for birds, benches and tables for the citizens that exits to the river and the fisherman, accurate and signposts labeled paths which are safe to start, Therefore fully furnished infrastructure on the river Tamis, explained Ljiljana Konevski. The “Eco Tamis – new tourism product” began on June 14 and will last for the next 18 months. Financier of the European Union through the IPA program Serbia Romania, a project worth one million euros, with the EU provides 85% of the project for Romania and 85% of the project for Serbia and 15% of the Republic of Serbia and Romania.