In Kovačica held a three-day advanced training to promote the development of local micro-business

The  hotel “Relax”, Kovacica, from 30 May to 1 June 2018, held an advanced training to promote the development of local micro-enterprises. Organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district, a group of 20 students had the opportunity to improve communication skills, marketing and finance in tourism. 
The training is divided into three one-day training session. The first day was dedicated, in general, effective communication, while the second day of training focused on the practical aspects of tourism marketing, primarily in the promotion, price and product. On the third day in the focus of the funding issues in tourism, as well as the application of learned techniques on the project “Eco Tamis”. 
The training was interactive and included exercises and examples from real life.

During the three-day training, participants had the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge directed to: 

-razumevanje framework of effective communication 
-basic techniques of effective communication 
-razumevanje concept of tourism product – what is basic and what is incidental (extra) product 
-Advanced techniques of promotion 
-razumevanje different ways pricing 
-Source funding of tourism in Serbia.

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