Press conference about Promo regatta within the framework of the project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product

We invite you to the press conference of the project “Eco Tamis – new tourism product”, which is financed under INTERREG IPA CBC Program Romania-Serbia. The conference will be held on 14 August 2019 (Wednesday) in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district in Pancevo, Zmaj Jovina 1a, starting at 12.00 in the conference room on the second floor. The conference will present the activities being undertaken in the future. This is a promo regatta, which is organized in two parts. Romanian part of the regatta  starts August 20 and finishing August 22, while the Serbian part of the regatta starts on the same day in Jasa Tomic, with the central event in Secanj. Regata continues on the second day of the race stops in Opovo (marina), to end the 24 August until the arrival of Pancevo.

Participants of the conference:

– Dr. Marko Ćulibrk, director of CTR Južnobanatskog administrative district,
– a representative of Nature Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center from Pancevo,
– a representative of the association “Miltonija” from Timisoara,
– a representative of the Association for Tourism Promotion and Development of Timisoara.

We invite you to take part in this conference and inform the public about planned activities

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