Press conference announcement -promo regatta on the river Tamis

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat Administrative District, held a press conference at which they presented the implemented activities and announced the organization promo regatta as one of the final activities of the project “Eco Tamis-new tourist product” within the IPA CBC Romania Serbia. The event is organized in Romania and Serbia from 24 August 2019. The conference presented all previous activities ranging from a large number of education, developed promotional materials flyers, maps and brochures. In addition, they discussed the extremely well-organized promotional tours for journalists and for tourism workers. All these activities are carried out in the past two years, and the announcement of the upcoming promo regatta spoke Director PKS- RPK Pancevo, Dr Marko Ćulibrk. Thereafter, the press spoke Ljiljana Konevska front of the lead partner Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center in Pancevo, presenting activities on the implementation of planned furniture along the Tamis, which will be visited during the promo race. With details of the program promo regatta the journalists met ČERNE Zoran how the details of the regatta implemented by the Romanian partner association Miltonija from Timisoara in Romania, a lot more about the program promo regattas in Serbia where the head of the organization PKS-RPK Pancevo as of Jasa Tomic to Pancevo with bases in Secanj, Opovo and finally ends in Pancevo. In all of the above bases will be organized a number of promotional activities with local governments, local tourism organizations and the presence of the media.

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