Press Conference held on the occasion of realized promotional tour for journalists and tourism workers

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district, was held on May 17, 2019 press conference at which they presented the implemented activities, with special emphasis on just realized promo tours for journalists and tourism workers in the framework of the project “Eko Tamis-new tourism product “.

In accordance with the planned activities of the project, from 09 to 12 April 2019 organized a promotional tour for journalists and the media in order to promote the project “Eco Tamis – new tourism product”. The starting point of this promo tour was in Resita and ended up in Pancevo, where all the participants catamaran rides procured during the project.
Participation in this promo tour took 35 media representatives, and 15 on the Serbian side and 20 journalists from the Romanian side. During this promotional journalists visited the greater the flow of the river Tamis, as the Romanian side, and on the Serbian side, in order to familiarize themselves with all available amenities on the river and its immediate surroundings.
After that, in the period from 16 to 19 April 2019 organized a promotional tour for tourism professionals and tour operators to promote the implemented activities and the implementation of awareness-raising campaigns about the importance of the Tamis and that greater use of tourist offer naTamišu.Učešće on this promo tour took 36 representatives of various tourism organizations, agencies and institutions, and to 21 on the Serbian side and 15 from the Romanian side. The starting point of this promo tour was in Pancevo, also organized with a catamaran ride and ended up in Timisoara
on all details of the promo tour participants The representative of the media informed the Director PKS- CTR Južnobanatskog administrative district, Dr Marko Ćulibrk.

Then the audience on behalf of the Romanian partners addressed artworks from the Association for Tourism Promotion and Development of Timisoara informing journalists about the experiences and zzaključcima participants of the promo tour. The journalists present were then in front of the lead partner Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center in Pancevo, addressed President Ljiljana Konevski.

Then they followed the journalists’ questions about the continuation of the activities after the end of the project to ensure sustainability. For all participants of the conference was then organized cocktails.

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