Press Conference held on the occasion of the realized promo regatta

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district, was held on 4 September 2019 press conference where he discussed the administration realizable promo regatta within the framework of the project “Eco-Tamis new tourism product”. In accordance with the planned activities of the project, in the period from 20 to 24 August 2019. organized promotion race in order to promote the project “Eco Tamis – new tourism product”. The starting point of this promo regatta was in near Timisoara Urseni and ended in Pancevo. Participation in this promo race took 10 rowers, and in some stages and a larger number depending on the stage to stage.

On the first day, six canoes with participants of Race vessel is river Tamis from the city Urseni to Saga (near Timisoara), to be followed by the second day, heading for the lake Surduk. On the third day he organized a boat ride along the canal in the center of Bega Timisoara. Regatta in Serbia has started August 22 and from the village of Jasa Tomic, where the rowers headed for the beach in Secanj where it took place and socialize with local residents and representatives of associations. With the support of tourism organizations Sečanj, is provided, and media coverage of the event. On the second day of his visit to Serbia, hosted by the municipality of Opovo. Paddled away from the beach to the marina “Opava” where all participants will be served lunch. In the premises of the tourist info center, the regatta participants welcomed the mayor, Zoran Tasic, and all those present, after the speech of the President, Baranda headed to where they visited film city and a pond. The race was completed on August 24 in Pancevo, in the afternoon. Participants of the regatta were driving canoes joined by members of the rowing club “sportik”. Also, for all interested is organized catamaran ride from the Red Unit to the famous tower at the confluence of the Tamis and the Danube. Canoes and a catamaran are sourced from the budget of the project “Eco-Tamis new tourism product”. For all participants of the regatta is provided with accommodation, meals and accompanying program. For realization of the whole of the regatta and its importance we have The representative means of information is met director PKS- CTR Južnobanatskog administrative district, Dr. Mark Ćulibrk, particularly emphasizing the excellent cooperation with the local governments and Tourism Organization in implementation of a portion of race that Serbian part Tamiša. Then the audience on behalf of the Romanian partner Delia Barbu addressed, from the Association for Tourism Promotion and Development of Timisoara informing journalists about the details of the regatta in the Romanian part. The journalists present were then in front of the lead partner Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center in Pancevo, addressed President Ljiljana Konevski, who expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation with all partners during the project. More details in the entire regatta is anegtama during it, as well as the assistance provided during the implementation of the regatta, given CERN Zoran front PKS – RPK Južnobanatskog administrative district expressed special gratitude to direct participants regate- volunteers who took their time and enable successful implementation promo race. It is also thanks addressed kayak-canoe club “sportik” from Pancevo, which has enhanced its engagement final stage of the race. The participants of the press conference was released a short film with the race and increased the number of photos during its realization. For all participants of the conference was then organized cocktails.

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