Press Conference held on the occasion of training and participation in trade fairs

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district, 07 November 2018 held a press conference at which they presented the activities carried out within the project “Eco-Tamis new tourism product”, which is financed under INTERREG IPA CBC Program Romania-Serbia. 

Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district organized a series of seminars within the project “Eco-Tamis new tourism product”, which is funded by INTERREG Program IPA CBC Romania – Serbia.

 The seminars brought together all stakeholders in tourism, in the area of ​​five municipalities Serbian Banat, in order to improve knowledge and skills in the field of communications, promotions, sources of funding in tourism and others. The first seminar in the series, on “Communication and presentation skills” for animators in tourism, were held in Zrenjanin and Kovačica. During the three-day training 40 students from Zrenjanin, Logging, Kovačica, Opovo and Pančevo mastered the basic skills, techniques and tools to perform the job successfully tourist animator. Joint training for students from Serbia and Romania is designed to connect learned techniques and tools with Eco Tamis, multilingual environment and cross-border tourism. At the two-day seminar for representatives of local governments in the focus of the topics in the field of communication in tourism and communication on tourism.

 Considerable space is devoted to the promotion, or the concept of the tourism product. The third group of the seminar brought together more than 80 representatives of micro-businesses in the tourism industry who have shown interest and stressed the need to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of market research, understanding of customer needs / tourists, promotions, effective communication, on line marketing. Since the development of tourism includes the development of related activities, which are not predominantly tourist, one in a series of seminars brought together representatives from the sectors of transport, health services, security services, media. During the two-day training discussed the complexity of tourism and the position of supporting the tourist industry. All seminars are based on international best practices and a wide range of expert knowledge in these areas. The trainers were experienced professionals who know what kind of positive change can make work in these areas. In the period from January to September 2018, the results of the project were presented to the public – through the promotion of the project at fairs in Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as commercial exhibitions in Subotica and Nova Pazova. The promotion was organized with a view to potential tourists and visitors of the area convey a message that this is an attractive destination and new opportunities for a longer stay on the river Tamis.

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