Press conference on the occasion of the study on the project “Eko Tamiš – new tourist product”

In the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce of South Banat, a press conference was held on the occasion of the development of the Study on spatial and tourist identification of pedestrian and biking trails, kayaking routes and places for sport fishing and bird watching within the project “Eko Tamiš – new tourist product” . It was an opportunity for the representatives of the media to get acquainted with the activities realized so far on the project. The introductory speech, with gratitude to the journalists for the presence, was given by Dragan Bosilj, V.D. Director of RPK South Banat District. He emphasized that the formal part of the project, which is very specific, is mostly completed by all partners in the project. They all performed the necessary tender procedures and performed the selection of contractors for the provision of services and procurement of goods. He pointed out that a lot of activities in terms of preparation for promotion of the project were done.

He also talked about the preparation for the start of the project’s website, as well as the preparation of printed promotional materials. Borislav Vulić, project manager, spoke about the realized study of spatial and tourist identification of pedestrian and bicycle paths, kayak routes and places for sport fishing and bird watching, as well as about the activities that were realized so far. He emphasized that the work was done on the ground and that meetings were held with two local self-governments in the Serbian part of the river Tamiš, the City of Pančevo and the Municipality of Sečanj. Remaining meetings, visits and mobilization for future project activities with the municipalities of Opovo, Kovačica and the city of Zrenjanin. The realization of these activities is expected in the coming days.

Then, on behalf of the Romanian partners, she addressed Suzana Stojanovica, informing the journalists that before the adoption of the Study on the Romanian side, and that it would be possible to start a joint study as soon as possible, as foreseen by the project activities. After that, the journalists’ questions cooperation with local self-governments on the project and the way of realization of some activities.



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