Realized promo tour for journalists

In the period from 09 to 12 April 2019 organized a promotional tour for journalists and the media in the promotion and marketing of the project “Eco Tamis – new tourism product”, as well as the promotion of organized activities with the aim of conducting a campaign to raise awareness the importance of the river Tamis and that greater use of the tourist offer in and around the river Tamis.

As planned during this promotional tour visited the course of the river Tamis in large part, on the Romanian side of the source, during the Serbian side to the mouth, in order to familiarize the media with all available amenities on the river and its environment neposrenoj. It was an opportunity to visit many cultural and historical monuments on the territory of Serbia and Romania, which are located on the river Tamis, or the environment, as well as many sites designed for recreation, from the place for fishing, bird watching, cycling, walking and the city of kayaking.

Participants were able to learn about the history of the city of Timisoara, as well as the tourist offer in the area.

Especially interesting for journalists was to see to realize the set of planned furniture to the planned location along the river Tamis, and at the end of the promo tour was organized catamaran rides in Pancevo, which was purchased from the grant part in this promo tour was free, ie provided in the budget of the project, and provided printed and other promotional materials, food and accommodation for all participants.

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