Successful completion of cross-border project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Regional Chamber of Commerce South Banat administrative district, was held on September 11, 2019 held the final conference of the project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product” INTERREG IPA CBC Program Romania-Serbia, which started in June 2017 and which lasted 27 months. At the press conference also touched on the activities implemented during the project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product” and also was an opportunity to promote the film about the project. About the implementation of activities during the project’s director spoke PKS- CTR Južnobanatskog administrative district, Dr Marko Ćulibrk, especially emphasizing the excellent cooperation with local governments. .

The key activities carried out as follows:

• A study of a new tourist product – identified spacious tourist potentials of the Tamis River bike paths, hiking trails, fishing, bird watching places and places for kayaking and canoeing .. Based on a study was done a series of leaflets, brochures and a few map for fishing, boating, cycling, walking, bird watching and all the settlements along the Tamis.
• held over 10 training for animators in the tourism industry, representatives of local governments to promote local micro-business and support activities in tourism (over 200 participants). Trainings are provided opportunities to different stakeholders in the tourism sector to actively participate in the process of raising the level of knowledge and skills that will allow them as much as possible exploit the potential of the Tamis River to promote the socio-economic development of Banat.
• Set and improved tourism infrastructure – info table, benches, tables, canopies, cans, bridges, observation posts for birds; marked bicycle and pedestrian paths.
• The implementation of this project enabled the purchase of catamarans, canoes and bicycles.
• During the project, carried out promotion at fairs in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Brussels, Bucharest and Arad, as well as commercial exhibitions in Subotica and Nova Pazova.
• We organized two promotional tours for the media and representatives of the tourism sector (about 70 participants) who visited significant sites for the development of tourism on both sides of the border.
• The last significant activity of the project, promo event attracted about 10 participants from Serbia and Romania, which in the period from 20 to 24 August 2019. paddled on certain sections of the river Tamis, on both sides of the border.

Then the audience on behalf of the Romanian partners addressed artworks from Timisoara expressing great satisfaction with the cooperation with partners, results of the project. The journalists present were then in front of the Lead Partner Environmental Movement and center volunteers Pancevo, addressed President Ljiljana Konevski, who expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation with all partners during the project, pointing out that the results of the project should be in the future to come to the fore, given that the all local governments that rely on Tamis, and a number of associates signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Within the project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product” prepared a film about achievements, implemented activities and impressions of the end users of the project which is at the conference and presented, and also was broadcast on several electronic media.Project results reaffirmed the justification of project ideas – important role of eco-tourism in fostering socio-economic development of Banat. This was an opportunity to attend for all staff who have enabled the realization of the project. For all participants of the conference was then organized cocktails.

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