The Conference of completed cross-border cooperation project “Eco-Tamis new tourist product in Timisoara

On the last day of the project, on 13 September 2019 in Timisoara Conference was organized to mark the completion šrojekta “Eco-Tamis new tourism product”. The conference was organized by the Association of Romanian partners’ Miltonija “and the Agency for the promotion and development of tourism regions within the INTERREG Timis IPA CBC Program Romania-Serbia, which started in June 2017. It is also an opportunity to promote the film about the project in Romania. About the implementation of activities during the project, on behalf of the Romanian partners addressed artworks from Timisoara expressing great satisfaction with the cooperation with partners, results of the project. Guests at the conference, which was attended by all collaborators on the project with the Romanian side and all subcontractors, in particular to thank, because they help to project successfully implemented. Then the front of the lead partner Conservation Movement and Volunteer Center Pancevo addressed Konevski Sandra, who expressed great satisfaction with the cooperation with all partners during the project, pointing out that the results of the project should be in the future to come to the fore. Then the audience on behalf of the Romanian partner Delia Barbu addressed, from the Association for Tourism Promotion and Development of Timisoara, and finally in front PKS- CTR Južnobanatskog administrative district addressed Zoran Virić, in charge of the project, also thanked all the partners for cooperation . There was a promotion of the film, which was shot on the results achieved, implemented activities and impressions of the final beneficiaries. For this occasion made the subtitles in the Romanian language.

For all participants, the conference was then organized cocktails and music concert.

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