Training for animators in tourism in Kovačica

Training for animators in tourism is a three-day training, which is held in the Relax in Kovacica, 8-10. February 2018. If you are an animator in tourism and if you want to improve your communication and presentation skills to the next level and get to know new regional tourist product Eco Tamis, this training will help you with this. 
This training provides a detailed overview and practical exercises on communication and presentation skills and how to use communication and presentation techniques and tools to carry out a long-term successful business tourist animator, or any other job that requires working with people. At the training you will get basic skills, resources and techniques. 
During the three-day training will: 

• create awareness about the importance of communication and presentation skills
• understand the different concepts and techniques to identify the challenges in everyday activities tourist animator 
• identify and plan your best approach to communication and presentation 
•  build skills and learn the techniques of effective communication 
•  communicate effectively both within the company and with customers 
• improve presentation skills and cope better with the challenges of intercultural 
•  effectively communicate with your partners using social media.

Training is specifically designed for tourist animators. The training is divided into three one-day training session. This means that you will not have too long to be away from your job. The first day focuses on general communication and presentation and their importance, while the second day of training focuses on practical aspects, including communication and presentation skills, techniques and tools. The third day, summarizing that connects learned techniques and tools to specific tourist product Eco Tamis. 
The training is based on international best practices and a wide range of expert knowledge in this field. The training is interactive and includes Exercises


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