Training for auxiliary tourist activities

Training to support the tourism industry was held in Pancevo 18-19. October 2018. It was intended for employees in the media, security, medical, traffic or any other activity that is not predominantly a tourist, but without which a successful tourism was impossible.
This training gave practical exercises business skills with an emphasis on communication, business tools in order to improve the long-term business, and especially the part related to the tourists. The training participants get basic skills, resources and techniques.



The training was specifically designed to support the tourism industry and taking into account the heterogeneity of the activities that the participants engaged. The training was divided into three half-day training session The first session of the first day focused generally on tourism and city tourism ancillary activities. The second session of the first day of the communication skills and their improvement, while the third session of the second day, accounted for summarizing that connects learned techniques and tools to specific tourist product Eco Tamis.
The training was based on international best practices and a wide range of expert knowledge in this field. The training was interactive and included exercises and examples from real life. The trainers were experienced professionals in the field of tourism communications who know well what kind of positive change can bring work in this area.

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