Training in Zrenjanin was held to promote the development of local micro companies

In accordance with the plan of activities within the project “Eko Tamiš – new tourism product” financed by the EU Program INTERREG IPA, in the period from 19th to 21st April 2018, another training was held to promote the development of local micro enterprises, who was a three-day training. The training was held at the Hotel Vojvodina in Zrenjanin and was intended for representatives of local micro companies and stores. This was an opportunity for the participants of the training to gain new skills and improve the existing ones, as well as to get to know the new regional tourist product Eko Tamiš.
The training was, as well as training in Kovačica, specially designed for micro companies and entrepreneurs. This training was divided into three one-day sessions. The plan for the realization of the training was also in the previous one designed for the days. On the first day, the focus was on market research and targeting, while on the second day, training focused on practical aspects, including promotion, and particularly focusing on online marketing. The third day was the summing up that connects the learned techniques and tools with the specific tourist product Eko Tamiš.

This training provided a detailed overview and practical exercises of business skills and how to improve promotional and other business tools to promote business in tourism, but also any other job that requires working with people. During the three-day training, participants were able to create awareness of the significance of market research and identification of target groups, to better understand the different tools of concepts and techniques, to build skills and to learn effective promotion techniques in order to understand the needs of customer-tourists and to get acquainted with the potential and online marketing restrictions. Training is based on the best international practices and a wide range of knowledge of experts in this field. The training was interactive with exercises and real-life examples. The trainers were experienced experts in the field of marketing in tourism who know very well what kind of positive change can bring in this field. The participants of this training were from the territory of Zrenjanin, Secanj and other places in the surrounding area.

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