Training to promote the development of local micro enterprises in Pančevo

Training to promote the development of local micro enterprises is a three-day training, which was held 25-27. April 2018 in Pančevo. If you run a micro-business in tourism and if you want to improve your business skills and get to know new regional tourist product Eco Tamis, this training will help you in this .

This training provides a detailed overview and practical business skills and exercises to improve the promotional and other business tools to improve your long-term business in tourism, or any other job that requires working with people. At the training you will get basic skills, resources and techniques. During the three-day training will:

  • to create awareness of the importance of market research and identifying target groups in tourism
  • understand the different tools, concepts and techniques and understand when and how to apply identify and plan your best approach to promoting tourism
  • to build skills and learn the techniques of effective promotion
  • to understand the needs of the buyer / tourists and how to approach them
  • to get insight into the potential and limitations of online marketing training is specifically designed for micro enterprises. 

The training is divided into three one-day training session. This means that you will not have too long to be away from your job. The first day focuses generally on market research and determining the target group, while during the second day of training focuses on practical aspects, including the promotion and especially focusing on online marketing. The third day, summarizing that connects learned techniques and tools to specific tourist product Eco Tamiš. Training is based on international best practices and a wide range of expert knowledge in this field. The training is interactive and includes exercises and examples from real life and leads you through approaches to marketing in tourism beginning to end. Trainers are experienced experts in the field of tourism marketing who know well what kind of positive change can bring work in this areas.Training will be held in the Serbian language. The share of participants is free of charge and provided printed and other materials for participants, meals and refreshments and accommodation for participants who have an objective necessity.It is preferable that participants bring to the training smartphone or laptop.

For additional information about the application process, you can send an email to the address +381 63 1044290 and +381 66 8751195 or call us on the phone numbers listed.

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